The 3 key vitamins and supplements we describe might just be the things your body is missing.

Which vitamins are the most important?

When you first start shopping for vitamin supplements, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many different brands and products on the market that you might not know where to start. Everyone has different needs, but there are a few key vitamins and supplements that many individuals should consider including in their daily routines. Take a look at our list of the most important vitamins and supplements  for holistic health and wellness.

Vitamin D & Bone Health

 Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium effectively, which contributes to bone health. Without sufficient vitamin D, you may be more likely to get sick, have an increased risk of bone and back pain and experience bone deterioration and hair loss. People can usually get their vitamin D from sun exposure, but this isn’t always an option for people who live in regions with ample sunlight and those who have an extra sensitivity to UV rays. Vitamin D supplements come in both pill and liquid form so you can easily get your daily dose of vitamin D without the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure. There are also some Warning signs to consider which can suggest you might be deficient in Vitamin D to consider. 

Fish Oil Essential for Heart, Join, & Brain Health

 Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for targeting inflammation and helping in the body’s overall well-being, ranging from supporting heart, joint, and brain health. However, our bodies cannot make omega-3s on their own, and must be derived from outside sources. While food, such as fish provides omega-3, it is estimated that the majority of people in the US are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids. Keep in mind the various benefits of EPA omega-3 vs DHA omega-3, and make sure that the omega-3 supplement you choose is one of quality and superior concentration.

Vitamin B-12 For Mood and Cognition

 Vitamins like B-12 support your mood and cognitive functioning. Without enough B-12 in your diet, you might experience lower energy levels and decreased cell functioning. Taking a B-12 supplement can keep your cells working the way they should and help you avoid moodiness and fatigue.

Ultimately, every person might have unique needs that require choosing which vitamin and supplement is best. You don’t have to stock up on every vitamin supplement that’s on the market to start experiencing improved health and wellness. Start small with some key vitamins and see how you feel after several months of consistent use. Once you get the right nutrients and vitamins on board, you can start experiencing a number of outstanding benefits for your health. 

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